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BE A PART OF MAKING A DOG PARK FOR HUDSON. We have joined the campaign to help raise money for our dog park and half of your purchase will go directly toward the funding of the park...and help to get these local characters get their social time.

from 85.00

linoleum cut print
11 x 14
edition of 150
printed in 2-colors on Japanese Kozoshi white, 56 grams

Just the cutest pup. We have since seen him as an adult dog too, so he's a local! Oscar was the first in our series, and just maybe the impetus for the whole thing.

Print comes unframed but is designed to fit into a standard frame size. Each print comes titled and numbered. Carved and printed by Kingsley Parker.

The framed option for this print is a full bleed with spacers, wood frame in white, natural, black or dark walnut.

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